On Monday, March 26, 2018 at 4:09:24 PM UTC-4, Marvin Renich wrote:
> It seems that you understand why you are seeing the behavior you 
> reported, but you are questioning whether the spec either does or should 
> guarantee that reading from a channel with a goroutine waiting to send 
> on that channel will fill the buffer as an atomic part of the read. 
> As others have said, the spec does not guarantee this.  I would like to 
> add that I believe it shouldn't.  Suppose goroutine A is currently 
> blocked waiting to send on a channel.  Now goroutine B reads from that 
> channel.  If the refill of the channel must happen atomically with the 
> read from that channel, now goroutine B must be put in a blocked state 
> waiting for goroutine A to finish its send.  This contradicts the spec 
> at [1] which states 
>   ...communication succeeds without blocking if the buffer is not full 
>   (sends) or not empty (receives). 
> If you think about how this is likely to be implemented (including 
> considerations for GOMAXPROC and multicore vs single core systems), you 
> should realize that, while it would be possible to implement 
> atomic-refill, it would give no (or very little) benefit and might have 
> undesirable performance effects. 
> As an aside, I think the reason Jake is seeing 100 lines of output and 
> you only see 1 is likely to be the difference between GOMAXPROC=1 and 
> greater than 1.  If GOMAXPROC=1, the scheduler may force a running 
> goroutine to yield after receiving, but before returning from the 
> receive operation.  In other words, the receive happens without 
> blocking, but the scheduler thinks that is a convenient point for giving 
> another goroutine an opportunity to run. 

No, I tried both GOMAXPROC=1 and GOMAXPROC=4. Same results.

It is strange that I just tried it again, now there will be always 100 
lines outputted,
for both GOMAXPROC=1 and GOMAXPROC=4, for both v1.10 and v1.10.1.
Quite strange.

> ...Marvin 
> [1] https://golang.org/ref/spec#Channel_types


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