The code resides here <>.

The output from the program is:

NaClMain [ info  ] 23:00:00 main.go:13: main.main started
NaClMain [ info  ] 23:00:00 main.go:13: main.compute1 started
NaClMain [ info  ] 23:00:00 main.go:13: main.compute2 started
NaClMain [ info  ] 23:00:00 main.go:27: main.compute2 took 10ms
NaClMain [ info  ] 23:00:00 main.go:22: main.compute1 took 20ms
NaClMain [ info  ] 23:00:00 main.go:15: main.main took 20ms

Program exited.

The problem is the expected line number in first three lines is 37. But it 
is 13.
I failed to understand why this is happening since log.Println internally 
relies on runtime.Caller

Note: I am aware that there is a logical bug in my code since the intended 
first three lines were 13, 18 and 25 - but that does not affects the 
expectations of the issue at hand.

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