Based on
it's an internal thing to thread sanitizer. It seems to be running out of 
memory when trying to instrument the code. It uses a cache of fixed size of 
entries and when it runs out of the cache, it dies.

Go is based 

I'm too lazy to figure out what kL1Size, how it's calculated and how bit it 

One theory: it's based on amount of memory. If your mac has more memory 
than your Linux, that would explain it.

A way to verify: run your tests on a Linux machine with more memory.

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 10:47:00 PM UTC-7, wrote:
> Can someone please provide some guidance in finding the root-cause of this 
> little chestnut, please?
> I've a codebase within which all tests pass when run locally on Mac OS X, 
> but when verified on Linux, we see:
> ThreadSanitizer: DenseSlabAllocator overflow. Dying.
> Both cases see the same code, and I use (in effect) go test -race, and no 
> race is reported.  I can provide no further context, because none is 
> forthcoming!
> Ideas?
> Kevin.
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