I really don't get how modules are got.
I create another repo with all versions are module based, but it still 
fails on getting v2.

$ go get github.com/go101/mod_versions_b/v2@latest
go: finding github.com/go101/mod_versions_b/v2 v2.1.1
go get github.com/go101/mod_versions_b/v2@latest: module 
github.com/go101/mod_versions_b@latest (v1.0.0) found, but does not contain 
package github.com/go101/mod_versions_b/v2

It looks, the go command found the target version v2.1.1, but it downloads 
v1.0.0 in the end.
What is the mistake I made in the process?

On Friday, September 13, 2019 at 2:22:16 PM UTC-4, T L wrote:
> For example,
> $ $ go get github.com/go101/mod_versions/v3@latest
> go: finding github.com/go101/mod_versions/v3 v3.1.0
> go get github.com/go101/mod_versions/v3@latest: module 
> github.com/go101/mod_versions@latest (v2.0.0+incompatible) found, but 
> does not contain package github.com/go101/mod_versions/v3
> Is it required to remove all v2.x.y+incompatible versions?

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