For users of YottaDB using the Go API, r1.28 is a major release because it 
is required for production grade access to YottaDB from Go. For others, it 
is a minor release with a small set of enhancements and fixes as detailed 
in the release notes (

There is additional discussion on our web site 
( Please do try 
YottaDB r1.28 and tell us what you think. Also, as the Go wrapper exposes 
all the basic operations of YottaDB global & local variables and locks, 
please do try the Go wrapper and see what access to YottaDB data is like 
from Go.

Thank you for using YottaDB software.

– Bhaskar

K.S. Bhaskar
President, YottaDB LLC
40 Lloyd Avenue, Suite 104
Malvern, PA 19355, USA
+1 (610) 644-1898 landline
+1 (484) 873-4467 Google voice

YottaDB - Rock solid. Lightning fast. Secure. Pick any three.

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