I've already tried it but in this case telegrambot did not recieve any 
updates from the updates channel. 
I used this reference 
but instead of www.google.com:8443 I used also patternbot.appspot.com:8443.

And should I use 

go http.ListenAndServeTLS("", "cert.pem", "key.pem", nil)


go http.ListenAndServeTLS("patternbot.appspot.com:8443", "cert.pem", 
"key.pem", nil)


On Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 8:30:32 PM UTC+3, Sean Liao wrote:
> switch to using a webhook so telegram calls you through a handler
> this is a limitation of GAE's request based model
> On Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 4:04:29 PM UTC+2, Andreas wrote:
>> I uploaded a simple telegram bot to google-aplication-engine. And after 
>> uploading it works as expected some time. Then it stoped respond to request 
>> from telegram. The bot is very simple
>> func main() {
>>>     bot, err := tba.NewBotAPI("apitockenhere")
>>>     ...
>>>     for {
>>>         select {
>>>         case update := <-uchan:
>>>         ...
>>>     }
>>> }
>> If I open web application in browser (it doesnot contais any handlers so 
>> it opens nothing) then telegram bot again starts working some time and then 
>> stops.
>> It works as expect localy but there is probably some issues with GAE. 
>> How to modify the code to prevent it from stopping?

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