When changing to 'github.com/hybridgroup/gobot' what should imports path 
look like in go code?

On Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 11:14:48 AM UTC-4, Arie van Wingerden 
> When I issue this command (as instructed on Gobot site):
>      go get -d -u gobot.io/x/gobot/...
> I get this message:
>      package gobot.io/x/gobot/...: unrecognized import path "
> gobot.io/x/gobot" (https fetch: Get http://gobot.io/x/gobot/?go-get=1: 
> redirected from secure URL https://gobot.io/x/gobot?go-get=1 to insecure 
> URL http://gobot.io/x/gobot/?go-get=1)
> Any ideas how to get around this?

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