Hello Gophers!

This weekend, on the 10th of November, the Go language turns 10 years old. 
Congratulations to all the gophers worldwide!

As a gift back to the Go community, JetBrains <https://jetbrains.com>, the 
creators of GoLand IDE <https://jetbrains.com/go>, are launching a 
fundraising campaign to help support the Women Who Go 
<https://www.womenwhogo.org/> and GoBridge <https://golangbridge.org> 
non-profit organizations, which are both dedicated to enabling minorities 
in tech to use Go as a tool to learn and teach programming.

This fundraising campaign is aiming to allow thousands of Women Who Go and 
GoBrige volunteers across the world to teach workshops, run meetups, and 
provide resources to women and other underrepresented groups with limited 
access to technology and tech skills.

During the two-week campaign, which will run until the *22nd of November*, 
every time* a new GoLand individual license* is brought the money will go 
to the Women Who Go and GoBridge non-profit organizations.

You can find more details on this page: 

GoLand team, Women Who Go, and GoBridge would really appreciate it if you 
could share this information among your fellow gophers.


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