It seems in the end the issue was actually a deadlock in the event loop. I 
fixed it by  spawning go routines on all the functions interacting with the 

> I'm trying to build a web/client app using Go (compiled to wasm). The 
> issue is that the browser(both FF and Chrome) gets stuck(i.e and I get a 
> notice "A page is slowing your browser | Stop it | Wait" ) shortly after 
> some minimal interaction (initial page is loaded and a form is processed).
> I took a Memory sample using firefox developer tools(see the print-screen) 
> but I can't find what exactly the culprit. Any idea what could cause it or  
> how to better debug it? Most of the memory seems to go into 
> runtime.ScheduleTimeoutEvent. 
> The program is built using Go tip. 

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