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> I have a string value that I’d like to convert into an actual object in my 
> running program. The string would be read from a configuration file. For 
> example, the string "os:Stdin" should be processable somehow to get the 
> actual variable os.Stdin. Is that possible in Go? The reflect package seems 
> to only work on objects you already have; I’ve also had a look at the 
> go/importer package, but that seems to primarily deal with source-level 
> information and doesn’t seem to allow you to bridge from there to already 
> existing objects in memory. Other-language equivalents would be 
> Class.forName(...) in Java or Assembly.GetType(...) in C#. Can anyone supply 
> any useful pointers? I know about the plugin package, but AFAIK it doesn’t 
> work on Windows.

In general this is not possible in Go.  Sorry.

If you can restrict yourself to exported package-scope variables, then
you can probably use the debug/pe (on Windows) package to look up the
symbol name and use that value as the variable's address.

Or in some cases you can keep a registry of names that you need to find.

Note that by default the Go linker will discard unreferenced variables
and functions, so the fact that a variable exists in the package
doesn't mean it will exist in the final linked executable.


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