I'm trying to figure out how to do "frame" based profiling in GO and was 
redirect to this mailing--list from the `r/golang` sub (topic 
Would be amazing if anyone here can help.

In short: I have a game server in Go and need to profile CPU costs of 
individual frames but sadly can't find a way to do that properly. 

I thought that the `pprof` CPU profile should be the right tool. However, 
at least the profile visualization tools always aggregate the methods 
execution costs between `StartCPUProfile` and `StopCPUProfile`. While in 
some scenarios this is great, we have currently have big spikes in for 
frame duration and would love to see the difference in times per frame. 
Ideally in a flame-graph like visualization but grouped by frames. So we'd 
somehow need to mark the frame start/end and tell the visualization to use 

Ideally, like the profiler in the Unity3D Editor does:
[image: Post image] 

Unity3D Profiling - Per frame method execution times

I tried use `Start/StopCPUProfile` at the beginning and end of a frame to 
create an individual capture per frame. That's not ideal for comparison but 
should be good enough and simple in concept. Sadly the cost of 
`StartCPUProfile` is so high, we can't call that per frame.

Looking at the code, the the 100 millisecond sleep in `profileWriter` 
explains that it. So what we'd need is a way to mark the frame start/end 
somehow for visual grouping. Is that possible with `pprof`?
[image: Post image] 


Further, I wonder if it's even possible to profile a game server with a 
simulation framerate of 120Hz. Since the 100Hz CPU profile rate is hard 
coded in `StartCPUProfile` I would guess we even per frame aggregation it 
make not work of a frame duration is usually below 1s / 120 or is that not 


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