I am having problems that some of the docs I am looking at show only one 
single line of exported global functions. Example here


Running this command:

go doc golang.org/x/text/language

I get much more exported global functions:

func CompactIndex(t Tag) (index int, exact bool)
func Compose(part ...interface{}) (t Tag, err error)
func EncodeM49(r int) (Region, error)
func Parse(s string) (t Tag, err error)
func ParseAcceptLanguage(s string) (tag []Tag, q []float32, err error)
func ParseBase(s string) (Base, error)
func ParseExtension(s string) (e Extension, err error)
func ParseRegion(s string) (Region, error)
func ParseScript(s string) (Script, error)
func ParseVariant(s string) (Variant, error)

any preference I can set at godoc.org (or pkg.go.dev) to see all available 
global functions? Or is this a bug?

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