I have a files laid out like this (OSX):


~/go/src/github.com/user/fish/go.mod with first line "module 

~/go/src/github.com/user/fish/cmd/demo/main.go that does: import client 

~/go/src/github.com/user/fish/cmd/demo $ go build  ## with GO111MODULE 
unset, under go1.14.4. Also GOPRIVATE=github.com/user   and GOPATH=$HOME/go
go: finding module for package github.com/liked/movies/v2/api/client
main.go:4:2: module github.com/liked/movies/v2@latest found 
(v2.0.0-alpha.1), but does not contain package 

So the demo/main.go import of the client package is not resolved. Is it 
possible, in general, to import a package within a module? 

If so, how does one do it?

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