On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 9:41 PM Aleksey Tulinov
<aleksey.tuli...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This is Java-style inheritance. It isn't bad, but i think that
> C++-style composition is somehow more in the spirit of Go. Strictly
> personal opinion of course. Older proposal described constraints as
> expressions, so to me it appears superior because I could potentially
> write an expression I want without asking for more features to be
> added into the compiler.
> Although i'm no longer sure if I understand what Go generics are
> supposed to do. You have the point that it's probably for a specific
> purpose, generic types something something, i don't know, but it
> probably isn't supposed to do what C++ concepts can do. Maybe i'm just
> spoiled.
> If this gets us to where we want to be - that's great, I'm happy if
> you're happy. It just doesn't feel quite right and i feel like this
> proposal could benefit from discussion on composition and stuff like
> that.

There is no question that the older syntax was more powerful.  And I
suspect that your syntax is also more powerful.  But we got extensive
feedback that the approach was too complex.  C++ and Go have very
different tolerances for complexity.

You raised the possibility of a constraint that permits either
constraintA or constraintB.  I think that supporting that kind of
constraint would be more powerful than what the current design draft
provides.  But is it a necessary feature?  How often does one want to
use such a constraint?

I've tried to outline what we need from generics in
https://blog.golang.org/why-generics.  I think that that describes the
minimum set of required features for a viable language change.  The
possibility of alternative constraints is not in that set.  Supporting
everything we can think of is not a goal.  It's not an inherently bad
thing.  But anything more powerful than the minimum set has to not
make the language more complicated to understand.

Within that context, I think it's a great idea to discuss composition
or inheritance.  If we can come up with something that is more
powerful and less complex, that would be great.


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