Fedora 25 will be shipping with golang 1.7.1. If you have been closely tracking 
the change proposal https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/golang1.7 you know 
:). By now go1.7 is in Fedora 25(and rawhide) for over one month.

To see extensive list of most important changes see upstream doc at 
https://tip.golang.org/doc/go1.7. From Fedora packaging side there is now new 
support for s390x, golang has been bootstrapped there.

Thanks to everyone working on this release in upstream and/or rebase in Fedora.

I don't plan on rebasing golang in any of the currently released releases of 
Fedora, but if you are interesting in getting the most recent version(or any in 
between) of golang you can either download binaries from upstream or you can 
check out my private COPR repositories(builds are done also for EPELs) 

I'm also looking forward to https://youtu.be/pZoGMXy3NKk. Unfortunately it is 
still not in production in Fedora. So no official Fedora images with golang 
yet. So I have been playing with fedora(23/24, x86_64 only, sorry :( ) based 
docker images on docker hub in the mean time(inc. images with go1.7) 
https://hub.docker.com/r/jcajka/fedora-golang/. I would like to "make them in 
to official images" when it will be possible in Fedora thanks to the layered 

Jakub ńĆajka

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