Some of the app engine console was updated.

Instead of setting a "default" version, it now uses traffic splitting. So 
your live version is the default, as it gets 100% of the traffic.

I also believe you cannot dispatch to specific module versions. 
Dispatch.yaml only allows routing to a module (the version is then 
determined by the traffic splitting)

NB - if you had two separate modules, you would need to use a dispatch.yaml 
to assign the custom domains, it is not done automatically.

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 2:26:26 AM UTC+1, Aaron Alpar wrote:
> We have an Appengine application that has long used the version routing 
> described in the "Routing via URL" section of 
> We have two version of our application, "live" and "master".  "live" is 
> our production application, while "master" is used for testing.
> We have a custom domain, "" assigned.
> Normally we use ""; to access our live site and "
>"; to access our testing site.  Using this 
> convention takes advantage of the default version routing described in the 
> "how-requests-are-routed" page to route traffic to our production or test 
> versions.
> The problem is that ""; is routing to our *live* 
> site.  This condition persists despite:
> - We don't have any rules in our "dispatch.yaml" file that conflict with 
> the default routing described in the "how-requests-are-routed" document.
> - We do have Custom Domains, but the "master" versions, for test, all 
> appear to point at "".
> - Curiously the Google Cloud Console, "Appengine", "Versions" tab shows 
> live receiving "100%" of the traffic, although we don't use traffic 
> splitting.
> We can access our test site through the "" although its not 
> completely functional.
> My questions:
> Have there been any recent changes to how requests are routed?
> How can I discover is traffic splitting is turned on, and how do I turn it 
> off?
> What else can cause all the traffic to all custom domain names to be 
> routed to one version of our Appengine application?
> - Aaron

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