Could you post your app.yaml and Dockerfile? Feel free to send me a private 
message if you don't want to post these in a public forum.

On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 10:16:27 PM UTC-4, Sergio Marcial wrote:
> After executing gcloud app deploy i am getting this:
> The push refers to a repository 
> 5a55f6cb1567: Preparing
> 5a55f6cb1567: Pushing
> 5a55f6cb1567: Pushed
> 6b0537befc90: Preparing
> 6b0537befc90: Pushing
> 6b0537befc90: Pushed
> 044c4ed6ae59: Preparing
> 044c4ed6ae59: Pushing
> 044c4ed6ae59: Pushed
> dacab63e05a6: Preparing
> dacab63e05a6: Pushing
> dacab63e05a6: Pushed
> 9ff051f37ab2: Image already exists
> 363507e00b22: Image already exists
> 818131a74c7c: Image already exists
> cc57a274adf5: Image already exists
> c7c7a273971f: Image already exists
> b21b3e3bc691: Image already exists
> latest: digest: 
> sha256:cd7c31dbcc43f5face16f66b90e1c5b3379aee076b02ca5d4834d235e53ad859 
> size: 33255
> Updating service [default]...failed.
> ERROR: ( Error Response: [3] Docker image 
> was either not found, 
> or you do not have access to it.

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