If you deploy your microservice to a separate module (or whatever they're 
called now) you can share appengine resources between your default module and 
service module. This includes data store, memcache, etc. So depending on where 
you store your settings, they should be able to be shared across modules. 

If you don't need/want runtime settings (editable via forms, etc) you may 
consider a pre deploy build step that compiles your settings into your module's 
native code. Store them in a JSON or yaml file that both code bases can read 
from as part of a build step. The downside to this is that different versions 
of different modules can have different sets of settings depending on when the 
settings changed relative to the respective build steps. This can also be a 
benefit over runtime settings... In addition to the RPCs involved with reading 
from data store, etc.

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