Greetings folks!

The App Engine Flexible <>
team has been hard at work on our latest release.  We’re looking for
developers who are interested in using our new preview environment, and
providing feedback.  This release has a few great features, including:


   Multi-zonal support.  Instances are created across multiple zones in a
   protecting your application in the event of zone issues.

   A modern networking stack.  The new networking flow includes support for
   HTTP streaming, and can improve throughput by as much as 4x. Tail latency
   has also significantly been reduced.

   Custom machine types.  You can now customize the size of your machine
   using GCE Custom Machine Types
   <>.  This lets you add
   more memory, disk, or CPU to suit your application’s needs.

This release is the first step towards App Engine Flexible going GA.  This
release is still in alpha, so bear in mind that there's no SLA, and we may
make breaking changes.  We’d love to have you try it out, and help shape
the future of App Engine Flexible.

To sign up, simply fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch:




Justin Beckwith | Google Cloud Platform | @justinbeckwith
<> |

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