Hi Anirudh,

Thanks for sharing your questions here!  As your question is about running 
modules of different runtimes in the development environment, I would 
suggest that you post to a new thread for things like this in the future. 
 Nevertheless, I'll respond in this one.

As far as I'm aware, it's not really possible to run Java and non-Java 
modules/services in a single development environment at the same time.  You 
would need to run both *dev_appserver.sh* for the Java modules and 
*dev_appserver.py* for the non-Java modules.  You will also probably want 
to specify *--admin_port* and *--port* 
for *dev_appserver.py* to ensure it doesn't attempt to use ports already 
bound to *dev_appserver.sh*.

As for inter-module communication, I don't think you'll be able to use the 
to send messages between modules locally though they should work when 
deployed to production.  From memory, the local development version of the 
modules service does not scan for ports bound to *dev_appserver*-related 
instances but rather uses whatever ports are selected when a particular 
*dev_appserver* instance is loaded.  It thus, would not be aware of modules 
running on different instances of *dev_appserver*.

By specifying the ports to be used however, you could store the ports in an 
environment variable and have your development code issue requests to those 
ports.  The downside is that said code would not be useful in production as 
it would not take advantage of internal module-to-module communication.

I hope the above answers your questions.  If you have any additional 
questions or specific examples, they are certainly welcome!

On Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 9:30:50 AM UTC-5, opensourcegeek wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been thinking about deploying multiple microservices as app engine 
> applications, but so far I cannot find a way to deploy multiple app engine 
> applications to one single project. I'm on a free trial at the minute, so 
> is this functionality to be able to create multiple app engine applications 
> available at all? Or is this option not available to me because I'm on free 
> trial?
> I think I can work around one google app engine application per project by 
> creating new projects and running google app engine application there. I'm 
> not sure what other features I lose because of deploying one app engine 
> application per project when they need to communicate to each other.
> Any advice on running microservices on Google app engine would be great.
> Thanks.

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