I'm working in a project that use two apps, one deployed in App Engine 
standard environment and other in flexible env.

One service of the app in the standard env and the app in the flex env. 
must be access to Google Cloud Datastore 

If I use in *local* the emulated datastore that run the dev_server in 
standard environment, the app in the flex env. can't access to this 
datastore and neither use the ndb ORM library like the service in standard 

So, to have consistency in the way to access to data, I don't what solution 
would be better to solve this.

I've been thinking if I could use Google Cloud SDK (gcloud tool) to run 
datastore and access to this using Cloud Datastore Cient Libraries 
<https://cloud.google.com/datastore/docs/reference/libraries> ( instead of 
Datastore NDB Client Library 
<https://cloud.google.com/appengine/docs/python/ndb/> ) in both apps (to 
use exactly the same way to connect) I think that this way is most easy to 
develop after in cloud platform.

I'm finding some problems to connect with this emulated datastore and I 
would like to know if my approach is good to follow fighting with the 
problems or change to another way or idea to run my entire project in local.

Any help or idea will be welcome.

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