Thanks for the reply. I already have retry parameters set for that 
particular queue:


...and I'm unsure how adjusting the above parameters would help alleviate 
"Instance Unavailable".

On Friday, July 14, 2017 at 8:57:59 AM UTC-5, George (Cloud Platform 
Support) wrote:
> Hello Marc, 
> It is not so out-of-common for tasks in the task queue to fail for various 
> reason. This happens, and there are detailed documentation how to deal with 
> this situation and devise a strategy, namely on the "Retrying Failed Tasks" 
> page 
> <>
> . 
> You can set retry parameters as detailed on that documentation page: 
> <retry-parameters>
>       <task-retry-limit>7</task-retry-limit>
>       <task-age-limit>2d</task-age-limit>
>     </retry-parameters>

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