Thank you both for your feedback about this issue! It helped influence our 
re-work of this feature, which has been just re-deployed.

You should now see "first of _", "part of _" annotations in correlated log 
entries, but the nested entries are still split across the various entries.

On Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 1:29:39 AM UTC-4, Emlyn wrote:
> By the way, I've noticed each log item now has a link to the line in the 
>> source code which generated the log item (for Python at least). This is a 
>> great idea and very helpful. Nice work.
> I want to second this. These source code links seem to have come and gone 
> a bit; they're great. 
>> Hello - I'm an engineer from the Logging UI team.
>>> Thanks for this feedback!  This was part of an experiment, yes, and we 
>>> have rolled it back for now.
>>> The aim was to help clarify and "group" these long-running requests 
>>> split across multiple log entries.  From this and other feedback, we are 
>>> pursuing a mode where the "first of _", "part of _" annotations will still 
>>> be there, but are rethinking grouping the entire "long running request" 
>>> data underneath each of those entries.
>>> For more input - would you prefer the data shown the way it was (with 
>>> different data split across the different entries), or (if possible, 
>>> assuming the browser wouldn't hang) the data grouped all together beneath 
>>> each of the entries (like was attempted here)?
> I don't mind if the data is split across entries. Alternatively, if you're 
> going to show the whole list under one (or each) item, I would need an easy 
> way to get to the end. Very often these hugely long lists have an error 
> right at the end, which is why I'm examining them in the first place. So 
> just showing the first few lines then having a "show more" button isn't 
> useful.

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