I am looking into google app engine as a alternative to AWS ec2/ELB. One 
problem I see is that there isn't an obvious way to consume the laravel 

If we deploy our laravel app across a few aws ec2 instances, we can use the 
same deployment process etc to include one instance as the queue runner.

But with app engine, because it is a black box, it seems like we need to do 
something like a google compute instance to run cli php to run the artisan 
command. This is annoying because we will have to worry about scaling the 
queue worker instances, which kind of defeats the purpose of google app 

Is anyone running a fully functioning, (ie with queue) laravel application 
on google app engine? If so, any resources you can point to would be 

Is it possible to running php cli commands and supervisor (python) on a 
google app engine php flex environment?

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