If your app exceeds the free quota for a resource needed to initiate a 
request, such as the bandwidth quota or instance hours quota, users of the 
app will get a server error, such as a HTTP 503 error. For all other 
services, exceeding quota from a free app will generate a quota exception 
that your app can handle gracefully by showing a message to the users. The 
"App Engine Pricing" page [1] provides more related information. 

How would you like to configure your custom over-quota message? What 
information would you like to see in that message, more than what is 
provided with the 503 error? To whom would you like to see this message 

It may prove worthwhile mentioning that for users of Firebase, there is 
more help with warnings, when certain percentages of quotas are passed. To 
track your Cloud Firestore costs, create a monthly budget in the Cloud 
Platform Console. Budgets won't limit your usage, but you can set alerts to 
notify you when you're approaching or exceeding your planned costs for the 
month. You may check the "Monitor Usage and Billing" page [2] for details. 

[1] https://cloud.google.com/appengine/pricing?csw=1#other-resources
[2] https://firebase.google.com/docs/firestore/usage

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