Thanks for reply.

I can upload and use a new python service easily, question is how to deploy 
services in different languages.
In my case, add a java *non-default* service when the default service is 

Maven and gradle can't see that I have a default service already, since 
it's python, so they refuse to deploy.
And *gcloud app deploy* doesn't update java if I understand.

None of the java tutorials mention how to deploy and update a subservice, 
they only create complete single service default apps.
If I had an example perhaps I could adapt it and just update my new java.

Maybe it's not supported yet?
It might save me a lot of time to know this.

Thanks for any insights.


Den fredag 9 februari 2018 kl. 05:25:54 UTC+1 skrev Jordan (Cloud Platform 
> You can think of services 
> <>
> like completely different applications (which can be written in different 
> languages), with each their own versions. Your main App Engine project then 
> makes use of your different services by first accepting requests from the 
> 'default' front-end Python service and version, then having the 'default' 
> service/version make requests 
> <>
> to your additional backend services' ('worker' and 'javaworker') default 
> versions. 
> Of course your clients can make direct requests to your other services 
> instead of only the 'default' by using the services' routing URL 
> <>.
> Therefore, since these are separate applications working together to form a 
> project, each service has its own app.yaml (or appengine-web.xml 
> <> for 
> Java). Having separate configuration files allows you to then specify a 
> different 'service' (if deploying with gcloud, else use 'module' if 
> deploying with App Engine Maven plugin) in the configuration file. 
> Now that you have separate services with unique configuration files, you 
> can then run the deployment commands (gcloud or mvn appengine:deploy) from 
> the root filtepaths (aka where their configuration files reside) to deploy 
> a new version of that service to your App Engine project. 
> - Note Google Groups is for general product discussions and is not for 
> technical support. If your require further technical support for deploying 
> services to your App Engine project, it is recommended to post your 
> detailed questions <> to Stack 
> Overflow <> using the 
> supported Cloud tags. 

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