With my team we are in a research phase where we are looking for the right 
cloud solution for our project.

About the project:

- pretty big

- we are already decided that we are going with a microservice architecture

- web application

What we are looking for:

- we would prefer a Severless solution to be able to concentrate on the 
application logic and on delivering early, but if it is not suited for us 
then eventually we will consider other options too

- we would like to apply the edge server pattern. To have a dedicated 
microservice to handle and forward the incoming request to the other 
(backend) microservices.

Where are we so far:

We are pretty new to GCP and so to the app engine world but we are already 
experimenting with it for a week now, and we are satisfied with most of the 
things, like for example the built-in Load Balancing and scaling mechanism. 
But what we couldn't accomplish so far is hiding our "backend" 
microservices from the world, they remain always accessible using the 
provided subdomains (service-id.project-id.appspot.com).  As mentioned we 
would like if these backend microservices were not accessible to the public 
internet but only to our dedicated edge server microservice. 

We've already tried some options as the Cloud Endpoints which are very 
elegant but they are solving the problem only partially because the backend 
microservices are still remaining public only with an extra auth layer on 

So my question is, is it possible to hide the backend microservices from 
the public web with the app engine solution?

Thank you, Tamas

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