Yep, this is really easy do reproduce in the standard env as well. Just 
deploy a new version, migrate traffic to the new version. The
old version still keeps instances running (in my case both python and java).

Den måndag 26 februari 2018 kl. 15:49:58 UTC+1 skrev Hendrik Kleinwächter:
> We are seeing this as well. Using ruby and the flexible environment. Any 
> idea what this could be? Are the stale instances still producing costs?
> On Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 8:10:07 PM UTC+1, Alan deLespinasse wrote:
>> I'm not sure if this is a bug or expected behavior. It's not what I 
>> expected, but I'm still somewhat confused by the Cloud Console.
>> I have several services for which I noticed there were still some old 
>> versions running, although the old versions were serving 0% of traffic. 
>> Example:
>> <>
>> The two selected versions were made obsolete by the top version. Normally 
>> when I deploy a new version, the previously running version is shut down. 
>> In these cases, I think a new version never succeeded in starting up, 
>> because I had a bug that would simply crash every time. So here's what 
>> apparently happens:
>>    1. Version A is running
>>    2. I try to deploy version B; it repeatedly fails to start up. My 
>>    "gcloud app deploy" command eventually returns an error, telling me that 
>>    deployment failed. Version A is still serving all traffic. Version B is 
>>    apparently still running, though I didn't know that until just now.
>>    3. I fix the bug and deploy version C. It starts up, version A is 
>>    correctly stopped. Apparently version B is still running, though.
>> So, is this a bug or expected? Is it costing us money? I'm finding it a 
>> bit hard to tell what our recent charges are for, although they are a bit 
>> higher than expected (still looking into that). I'd submit a billing ticket 
>> if I was sure.

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