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On Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 12:25:00 PM UTC-4, Hussain Hajjar wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> We are trying to develop a multimedia platform that serves video, image, 
> audio and/or text to end-users (mobile and web). At first, we will launch 
> iOS and Android apps then we will move to the web.
> I am thinking to do this using App Engine, but I am not sure especially 
> many people argued that it is expensive. Knowing that Spanchat (which is 
> similar to our use-case) is built on App Engine encouraged us to use App 
> Engine plus all our products are on Google Cloud, so we are more 
> comfortable using Google products.
> There are multiple points to take into consideration for our platform, we 
> want it to be able to do the following:
> 1.       Video/audio/image processing and manipulation.
> 2.       Video transcoding and transmuxing where it has to create 
> multiple video formats and outputs based on user connection (adaptive 
> streaming).
> 3.       Video streaming in HLS and MGEP-DASH (future feature) using 
> rtmp, rtmpt, rtmplite, sip or siprtmp.
> 4.       Resumable uploads and downloads.
> 5.       Caching and fast media delivery.
> I have done a lot of research on how we can do any of these on App Engine 
> but didn't find any helpful forward resources. All I found on official 
> documentation and guides is how you can use/integrate third-party services 
> like wowza, fastly or bitmovin which are paid services.
> Here are questions I am trying to have answers to:
> 1.       Is App Engine the right choice against Compute 
> Engine/Endpoints/Backend? Cost wise, limitations (App Engine has limits 
> comparing to Compute Engine, but it needs to be managed by hand) and 
> Scalability (App Engine scales but Compute Engine doesn't).
> 2.       What is the best language for the job in terms of cost, 
> performance, maintenance and libraries/samples available? (I am comfortable 
> with java, python and nodejs).
> 3.       Blobstore or Cloud storage (as App Engine has 32MB request 
> limit)?
> 4.       Do we need CDN and will it reduce caching and network traffic 
> costs? aside from having Google CDN, memecache and Cloud storage 
> multi-region availability and redundancy.
> 5.       How's Snapchat's infrastructure is done? What micro-services 
> they have? What does every micro-service do? Language choice (I read java 
> and python, but which one is responsible for the media?)?
> It would be great if anyone can share his/her experience, resources, 
> samples or anything related.
> Please don't hesitate to ask any questions and I hope that it was clear to 
> you what we are trying to build.
> Grateful for your help,
> Hussain Hajjar

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