We have our AppEngine applications in multiple projects, each in a separate 
region (of US). These apps connect to Datastore to read data. 
We configured this Datastore as multi-region (by selecting as us-central).

With this setup, can we reliably say that a request coming from an 
AppEngine app to Datastore will be routed to the Datastore replica within 
that same region?

I don't see any documentation referring to this explicitly or any APIs that 
expose which region is serving the Datastore requests. Would be great if 
someone can shed some light on this behavior. 
This will help us in understanding if we can expect consistent latency 
whatever region the request is coming from.

Example Setup:

APP1 in us-east1
APP2 in us-east4
APP3 in us-central

Datastore as multi-regional

Can we safely assume that 

   - Requests from APP1 to Datastore - will be routed and served by 
   Datastore of us-east1 region

   - Requests from APP2 to Datastore - will be routed and served by 
   Datastore of us-east4 region

   - Requests from APP3 to Datastore - will be routed and served by 
   Datastore of us-central region  

Thank you!

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