Kaplan Test Prep is holding its annual Hackathon event from July 31st to
Aug 2nd.
As part of this event we are encouraging the use of Google Projects/Code
for source code version control.
I am the Hack Co-ordinator for this event and am in the middle of setting
up about 30 projects for the same.
While doing so, I ran into this msg:

Action Limit Exceeded*What happened?*

*You have performed the requested action too many times in a 24-hour time
period. Or, you have performed the requested action too many times since
the creation of your account.*

*We place limits on the number of actions that can be performed by each
user in order to reduce the potential for abuse. We feel that we have set
these limits high enough that legitimate use will very rarely reach them.
Without these limits, a few abusive users could degrade the quality of this
site for everyone.*

Would it be possible for you to remove this limit so that we can have a
successful event and let our hack teams collaborate efficiently?

Vinil Bhandari,
Technical Architect, Pre-College,
395 Hudson St., New York, 10014
P - 2123134754
*Smart Track has been migrated to the

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