On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 10:13:33 PM UTC-7, Vladyslav Lukiantsev wrote:
> First three tasks include some optimizations, working with arrays, etc. 
> Meanwhile, fourth task is the pure geometric problem, which takes a couple of 
> lines of code which are just mirror for geometric formulas and nothing with 
> optimization.
> Is it normal for Google Code Jam to include such strange tasks in competition?

It also depends on how you solve it?  My geometry-fu is super weak, but I'm a 
graphics programmer so I know how to rotate meshes and project shadows, so I 
solved it algorithmicly by doing a search on the possible rotations to find one 
that creates a shadow area that matches.  I'm sure there's a much, much more 
elegant solution for those more geometrically inclined, but I'm not going to 
spend the time to figure it out during a competition when I can just work with 
what I know ^_^.

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