Hi. I like to practise on problems from past contests. The old Code Jam 
platform allowed anyone to test and check solutions after a round ended [1]:

> This contest is open for practice. You can try every problem as many times as 
> you like, though we won't keep track of which problems you solve.

I missed Round 1A 2018 yesterday. To practise before the next round, I've 
written a solution to the Waffle Choppers problem [2]. How can I test it? I 
can't see any download or upload form.

If it's no longer possible to check practise solutions on the new platform, I 
think this is a great loss, particularly for people new to programming 
competitions. I would never have had the confidence to compete in my first Code 
Jam if I hadn't been able to practise on archived problems before.


[1] https://code.google.com/codejam/contest/3264486/dashboard#s=p0
[2] https://codejam.withgoogle.com/2018/challenges/0000000000007883/dashboard

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