Hi! I am trying to decide if Guice would help a problem.

I'm investigating a problem with startup times in a server app. At
launch, the app creates a root object with a few dozen services, with
inter-service dependencies injected manually. A number of these
services are very expensive (minutes to create, much RAM used).
Mapping out the dependencies, it looks like starting things up is
happily parallelizable, but sorting out the relationships and stages
manually is a bit of a pain.

That pain is the sort of thing that Guice was created to solve.
However, in the archives, I see mention that Guice single-threads the
creation of Singletons, which sounds like it would prevent me from
parallelizing service startups.

Is there some way I can use Guice to automatically bind together my
many expensive services in a way that takes advantage of the idle
cores on my servers?




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