Good morning.
We are Alessandro, Leonardo, Alberto and Giacomo, four computer engineering 
students from the University of Padua. 

We are contacting you because we have been given a delivery which consists 
of analyzing a large software project by June 10th, and we have decided to 
take your Guice framework as a sample.
The delivery consists in the analysis of the development methodologies, in 
the organization of the work, the analysis of the software production 
process and the analysis of the code, i.e. metrics CK, LOC and cyclomatic 
complexity, with their temporal evolution.

It would be our great honor and pleasure if you could support us in this 
project, helping us to better understand these aspects.
In any case, I ask you if you could kindly offer us your precious support 
in finding the information we need, or provide it directly.

Your help will be of paramount importance to us.

We thank you for your availability.


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