Hello Everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that Guice has two new release candidates available:

 * *Guice 6.0.0-rc2*: The release page
<https://github.com/google/guice/wiki/Guice600> has more details, but the
TL;DR is that this release fixed a number of bugs, closed all open pull
requests, and* added `jakarta.inject` support alongside the existing
`javax.inject` support*. (The `jakarta.inject` support is almost complete,
with the caveat that binder(..).toProvider() methods aren't supported for
jakarta providers.)  Again, see the release notes for complete details &
explanations of the javax -> jakarta change.  The* servlet & persist
extensions remain javax only for Guice 6.0*. Guice 6.0 is intended as an
incremental migration aid towards Guice 7.0.

 * *Guice 7.0.0-rc1*: The release page
<https://github.com/google/guice/wiki/Guice700> has more details, but the
TL;DR is that this release is identical to 6.0.0, except it *only supports
the jakarta.inject namespace*. The* servlet & persist extensions also only
support jakarta.servlet & jakarta.persistence* respectively.* All support
for javax.inject, javax.servlet, and javax.persistence are removed from
Guice 7.0+.*

Please try out these releases and report back on successes or failures. The
more feedback I hear, the faster I can convert these to proper releases.
Feedback can be left on this group, or in "Github Discussions" on this
thread <https://github.com/google/guice/discussions/1732>, or as issues/PRs
on the Github Guice <https://github.com/google/guice> project.

*I would also like to take a moment to honor Bob Lee's memory*. Bob created
Guice (along with Kevin Bourrillion) back around 2007. Although Bob went on
to do many other exciting things, Guice's longevity is a testament to his
intuition & genius. He was also just a really, really nice guy. I know I
will sorely miss Bob, and the world is a worse place without his presence.

*The Guice 6.0 & 7.0 releases are dedicated to Bob.*

- sam

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