On Mon, Oct 17, 2016, at 11:59, Hoàng Ngọc Tuấn Anh wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using Google maps Javascript API to help my users search their
> address 
> easily. However, for some location in UK, they cannot find their house.
> For example: For post code ST8 7LF I can find 4 houses by searching on
> www.royalmail.com/find-a-postcode, 
> but Google data has very minimal details data
> I know that to improve the precision of data, we need lots of time, but
> in 
> such case, how can I improve my user experience ?

Google doesn't use Royal Mail PAF data to provide addresses: a postcode
is located on its centroid.

What I've done to improve the user experience is to show Google's
identified location on a map with a draggable marker which the user can
move to a better place.

But there's no way that Google will provide a list of addresses having
any particular postcode. Even reverse geocoding is only done by
interpolation: if Google can return an address for a location, it's only
a guess (and certainly not based on postcode).

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