We're using Google Gantt chart in our project management software to 
display scheduled tasks. The problem is that when a task begins, for ex: on 
Sep 21 and ends on Sep 21, the gantt chart calculates this to have  a 
duration of 0 days which in the context of scheduling is incorrect. A day 
still has 24 hours and this task has a duration of 1 days.

As a workaround, I decided to calculate the duration myself, ie. I 
specified in my json start/end dates and duration but the gantt chart 
ignores my duration and simply subtracts the dates and returns 0 days for 
the duration. This is weird because the documentation says otherwise (from 
docs: If start/end/duration all present - Check that duration is consistent 
with start/end times. Throws error if inconsistent.)

You might say, why I don't add +1 day to end date,- yes that will fix the 
duration calculation but now the displayed end date will be wrong.

At the minimum the Gantt chart should allow me to override the duration. In 
the future, I think it would be great if the Gantt chart supported 
date/time or would handle the calculations in 2 different ways (or modes if 
you like).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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