Hello, I'm working on a project to draw a line chart whose values ​​are 
taken from a php / mysql database ; In the x -axis are represented the 
dates in format 2016-09-22 12:40:00; 
the Y -axis represent measurements with different C such as temperature , 
wind speed , irradiation , and many other ... Via a selector I can activate 
or deactivate the measures to display. So far so good , but I can not 
constrain some measures on the axis of the right and others on the left , 
you know if you can do ?

for example : if the axis of the right represent the ambient temperature 
and on the left represent the temperature of an electric motor should I use 
scales with the auto focus , it can happen that a Y-axis has values 
​​between 15 and 30 degrees , the other Y axis has values ​​between 20 and 
40 , this could cause the line with the lowest temperatures is erroneously 
represented above the one with higher temperatures . I hope I have 
explained well proble and I apologize for my bad English .

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