I have a set of items with the following values: [username (string), score 
(number), date (datetime), comment (string)].

['joe', 0.3, 5/5/16, "bla"]
['joe', 0.6, 6/5/16, "bli"]
['jim', 0.4, 6/5/16, "blo"]
['jim', 0.7, 7/5/16, "blu"]

I want to plot one line for each username (I'll have more than 2) on the 
same line chart, with the date as the horizontal axis and the score on the 
vertical axis, with a different color for each line.

Something like the "multiple line types" example on the doc here 
but with more than more than two lines and different time values.

I could not find how to it with Google Graph. Anybody can help / point me 
to some doc?

Thanks you

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