Have you tried bar.width?  And specify a number not a percentage string. 
 The bar.groupWidth (or bar.group.width) should behave similarly, with a 
number rather than a percentage.   

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 4:57:52 PM UTC-4, Dena wrote:
> I have a date filter with some bar chats, however, the width of the bars 
> are different in all three charts as attached and I'm not sure why and I 
> can't change them.  Also, when there is only 1 value (i.e. 1 bar) in the 
> chart the chart spreads across a few x-values which doesn't look great and 
> it's confusing.  Any ideas how I can make the bar widths narrower and 
> consistent?  I tried playing with bar.groupWidth option but no response. 
>  I'm using CoreCharts and this case a Combo Chart.
> Thanks,
> Nav Dena

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