I am following this 
example from Google Chart documentation 

In the project all the existing graphs are plotted using ChartWrapper 
so by following example I created this chart 
<https://codepen.io/anon/pen/YadLyG>, now all I needed to do was replace 
the line where new Histogram instance is created with ChartWrapper.

i.e. Replace below code with:

let chart = new google.visualization.Histogram( 
document.getElementById("example") ); chart.draw(data, options);

Following code:

let wrapper = new google.visualization.ChartWrapper({ chartType: "Histogram", 
dataTable: data, options: options, containerId: "example_chartwrapper" }); 

But it doesn't work and I am getting following error:

Invalid column index 1. Should be an integer in the range [0-0].

I have created two Code pen examples replicating this issue:

   - Uses my example data: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/YadLyG
   - Uses example data from Chart documentation: 

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