I've a python bot that needs to insert/delete/replace images to the
blip document.

I'm having problems with the actual python api (16-9-2009) and both
insertion works perfectly.

When I use one of them, not only the element is not deleted/replaced,
also the remaining operations (usually, adding more elements) fails
too. The elements are always of type IMAGE, inserted previously in
another iteration by the same bot.

I took a look at the operations JSON object generated (visible in the
app engine logs) and everything seems ok (the elements index are the
same in the incoming and the outgoing operations), but It never works.
The operations are NOT performed and no error is reported in the log.

I'm testing this in the preview wave server (not in sandbox).

One not-working operation sample:

Outgoing: {"operations": {"javaClass": "java.util.ArrayList", "list":
[{"blipId": "b+MmlxMtH0E", "index": "35", "waveletId": "googlewave.com!
conv+root", "javaClass": "com.google.wave.api.impl.OperationImpl",
"waveId": "googlewave.com!w+YZxV44JqA", "type":
"com.google.wave.api.impl.OperationMessageBundle", "version": "4"}

There is an old thread in this group about a similar issue, but it's
related to a problem with the element index, and it's not the case...

Any ideas?


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