Sorry but this will very likely never happen unless you do it yourself 
together with other interested people and manage it on Github as a 
community project. Google (GWT's main committer) invests in J2CL + Closure 
Compiler in the future so they won't do it and current contributors will 
likely favor SDM and don't want to manage a custom chrome build (at least 
that is my impression).

I think you never really dived into SuperDevMode. Take GWT 2.8, start SDM 
with -style PRETTY and disable sourcemaps in Chrome to see the real JS. Now 
search for any method name and take a look how GWT sets up classes and 
methods in JS. Once you understand that (really easy to understand the 
basics) you can easily find what you are interested in, use watch 
expressions and set conditional break points. You can also hover variables 
to see their content if you do not use sourcemaps. Given that GWT doesn't 
really optimize the JS code all the Java methods in your project will look 
pretty similar in JS. If J2CL plays out nicely and GWT 3 will be build 
around it, then the generated JS will likely even more look like Java as it 
will use ES6 JavaScript classes. So the need for sourcemaps (and its 
disadvantages) during development will be questionable.

DevMode had its time, I never really missed it. It's slower than SDM, you 
can not use it do develop directly on mobile devices (granted with SDM and 
a certain app size its also not possible because the SDM JS is so large 
that it crashes the mobile browser), DevMode had executed Java code in JVM 
which sometimes had different behavior than the compiled JS which could 
lead to bugs in production you can't reproduce in development unless you 
compile your app. IMHO SuperDevMode is superior to DevMode once you make 
yourself comfortable with Chrome and its DevTools.

The only sad thing is that SDM still has some hard to reproduce bugs that 
every now and then show up during development which require you to cleanup 
the cache and start fresh.

-- J.

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