On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 12:36 AM Alexander Leshkin <
alexander.lesh...@gmail.com> wrote:

But for non-denotable types GWT compiler breaks with assertion. E.g. it
> breaks for anonymous local class:
> var tuple = new Object(){ int first, second; };
> It's because type binding for this declaration looks like:
> $Local$ tuple = new Outer$1();
> So,it looks like some changes in GWT compiler still have to be made to
> support JEP 286.

In any  case, I don't expect the compiler changes to be significant. There
are no new abstraction to be introduced nor structural changes. Could you
start adding tests to GwtAstBuilderTest for these cases, even if they have
to be disabled or commented out.

BTW, which assertion is failing, is it one in JProgram.createLocal?

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