On Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 6:48:53 PM UTC+2, Jens wrote:
> Fwiw, I can see zero reason why examples would be published to a Maven 
>> repo.
> Well right, although quite a lot projects do so. But maybe just because 
> examples are part of a multi module project and they just deploy everything 
> to maven central. That would even be a stronger argument to move examples 
> out of each project into a dedicated org.gwtproject.examples namespace. 
> Otherwise, when following maven conventions you end up with multi module 
> project coordinates but only   deploy a single artifact. Then you would end 
> up again with the repetitive 
> org.gwtproject.xx.<modulename>:gwt-<modulename> pattern.

What matters really is what you deploy, otherwise 
groupId/artifactId/version are mostly just an annoyance (one more reason I 
like Gradle better, those are entirely optional there).
For example, that a submodule has a <parent> (in many cases being the 
aggregator module) is not a "convention", it's a cargo cult.

Anyway, this is something we can probably "control" as a community for 
org.gwtproject artifacts/projects.

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