Ahmed, just a few suggestions: This time try to build it more abstract so 
that it does not depend on particular version of GWT/GXT. Try to avoid all 
unnecessary things that might disappear over time (like UIBinder - use 
html, css instead). In fact, try to make it future proof by not depending 
on GXT at all. Even better, make it undependable on GWT as well. Take a 
look on this example how the same code can run as Sencha GXT and 
GwtBootstrap/Vaadin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAN6iWAStZ8

In this particular example there is no code (PetClinic is built with 0 
lines of code), but in cases when you write the code, there is 
no GWT/GXT/GwtBootsrap/Vaadin specific code at all (you should not include 
any GWT/GXT/GwtBootsrap/Vaadin package in your application code), use only 
Interfaces and never GWT/GXT/GwtBootsrap/Vaadin widgets (or Elements) 
directly. Build abstracted event handling in such a way that your 
application code never use any GWT/GXT/GwtBootsrap/Vaadin events (event 
and handler classes) directly. That way you will be able to replace not 
only GXT/GwtBootsrap/Vaadin but also GWT if needed. 

You are welcome to visit our site http://www.codeless.solutions where you 
can find blogs section where we are discussing about our way of solving the 
problem: "getting stuck again". 

Hope it will be helpful, maybe you will get some new ideas how to solve 
your problems.


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