I know this is not a specific GWT question, but I have an issue. I have a 
GWT application, which has a conversation system integrated within. To this 
conversation system, I have the following DB structure.

create table if not exists conversation(
    user_one varchar(25) NOT NULL,
    user_two varchar(25) NOT NULL,
    subject varchar(15) NOT NULL,
    ip varchar(30) DEFAULT NULL,
    date varchar(50) NOT NULL,
    filter varchar(20) DEFAULT 'Inbox');
create table if not exists conversation_reply(
    reply text,
    username varchar(25) NOT NULL,
    ip varchar(30) DEFAULT NULL,
    date varchar(50) NOT NULL,
    conv_id_fk int(11) NOT NULL REFERENCES conversation(id));

I implemented a filtering mechanism where you can move conversation from 
Inbox to Archive or Important, or others. But when I execute the query 
which updates the filter:

update conversation set filter=? where id=?;

It will update this both to the user_one and user_two, since the GUI is the 
same to both users..there is no difference between user_one and user_two in 
terms of how the GUI looks like. So the select, which gets all 
conversations looks like this:

select * from conversation where (user_one=? or user_two=?) and filter=? order 
by id desc;

How should I change the DB structure in order to make the operations above 
(moving and deleting) work properly, because as I said, when I move as 
user_one, it will move to user_two as well, deleting the conversation from 
one would delete it from the other too.


Thanks in advance.

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