For what it's worth, more than 3 years later... one workaround to have zero 
values serialized (along with the key) as you ask for is to use an Integer 
rather than an int.
This is the JavaScript semantic (anything can be undefined or null) and 
then it behaves as other JSON serializers to omit null value but not zero 

Hope this helps if anybody ever reads this...

Le vendredi 19 juillet 2013 23:56:24 UTC+2, Pedro Lamarão a écrit :
> Em sexta-feira, 19 de julho de 2013 16h33min26s UTC-3, AJ escreveu:
>> The AutoBean page 
>> <> states
>> Goals
>>    - Decrease boilerplate in model-rich applications
>>    - Support easy encoding of AutoBeans to JSON structures
>>    - Provide support code for common operations on data-model objects
>>    - *Usable in non-GWT (e.g. server) code*
>> Of course, that could mean usable in non-GWT Java code, but it doesn't 
>> say that :)
> It is usable, as intended.
> It is just not "decodable by unawares JSON parser" as you initially 
> expected.
> A Java machine is not needed to decode this representation.
> You just need to decode it according with its protocol.
> --
>  P. 

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