I have a somewhat complex problem related to a CellTable that updates based 
on messages received over a WebSocket connection. The problem is as 
follows: The table does not update in real-time, even though "setRowData" 
and redraw* are called in real-time. There is a delay in the row appearing 
in the CellTable, or rather in the DOM as a table row. I realize that 
redraw does not actually redraw but sets a flag via 
HasDataPresenter.redraw, which checked elsewhere. It is often the case that 
mouse movement causes the row to appear - and I have been able to reproduce 
this behavior. When I put in a timer firing every 300 milliseconds, its 
execution also causes the row to appear.

It is flummoxing because the problem did not occur until I switched from a 
prototype implementation of basic websockets to a prototype implementation 
of STOMP-wrapped websockets (stomp being a MOM-supported protocol for 
supported messaging from "simple clients"). However, in both cases, there 
is no difference as to when the data is delivered via setData and redraw is 
called, so the change should not affect how or when the cellTable gets 

I am considering eliminating the use of CellTable and have a simpler DOM 
manipulation, but I'd prefer to determine what I am doing that is causing 
this problem, whether it is misuse of CellTable API or inappropriate 
expectations of CellTable behavior. I can't really post any code because it 
is all integrated, and I can kind of work around it.

Does anyone have any ideas how to approach this problem or where I might 
begin to look for a solution?


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